Joe O’Brien
b. Dec 1997 / Jakarta, Indonesia
Working in Glasgow / Lancaster, UK

I try to share my emotions from a certain time and place through photography, video and writing. Life itself compels me to create. Exploring the World is an investment of my time and energy. I want these experiences to be felt when seeing my work. Whether in the city or in nature I look for inner peace by searching for glimmers of joy. I want to find sense in the World to bring simple pleasures to life.


2016 - 2020

BA (Hons)  Fine Art Photography, The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow (UK)

Group Exhibitions:

2022 Open Exhibition - Streetlevel Photography Gallery, Glasgow (UK - Currently On Show)

2021  Still Water,  Wunderkammer Exhibitions -The Living Art Gallery, Phuket (Thailand)

2021 Interlude Films - ISO Design, Glasgow (UK)

2021 Graduate Drive-Thru - NCP Carpark, Glassford Street, Glasgow (UK)

2021 The Alternative Degree Show Film Festival - Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (UK)

2021 The Alternative Degree Show Festival - Wasps Hanson Street Studios, Glasgow (UK)

2021 International Landscape Exhibition - The Glasgow Gallery of Photography (Online Show)

2020 The Pieces Are In Flux - Salt Space Gallery, Glasgow (UK)

2020 Photograd - 2020 Online Photography Degree Show 

2020 Source Magazine: Graduate Photography Online (Online Show)

2020 GSA Showcase 2020 - The Glasgow School of Art (Online Show)

2020 DS2020 Simulator, (Virtual Show)

2020 Glider - Waterstones: Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow (UK)

2019 Hawk - New Glasgow Society, Glasgow (UK)

2019 Motherlode: GSA 3rd Year Fine Art Photography - Studio Pavillion, House for an Art Lover, Glasgow (UK)

2019 CCA Film Screening: 3rd Year Fine Art Photography - Centre of Contemporary Arts, Glasgow (UK)

2018 Sobremesa - Wasps Hanson Street Studios, Glasgow (UK)

2018 More is Less: GSA 2nd Year Fine Art – The Arches, Glasgow (UK) 

2018 Feedback Loop: GSA 2nd Year Fine Art Photography – The Art School, Glasgow (UK)

2017 Lost Generation: Derby – The Art House, Derby (UK)

2017 Zeitgeist – New Glasgow Society, Glasgow (UK)

Editorial / Documentation Photoshoots and other Freelance Work:

2022 Achilles Heel: Hoka Demo Run

2021 Nexus Architecture: Lucy Orta Open Call Project - Response to COP26

2021  Graduate Drive-Thru - Website Design

2021 Kameelah Janan Rasheed: Are We Reading Closely (II)

2021 Jamie Bolland: Mercu-ro-chrome 

2020 Aperçu: Website Content

2019 Postal: Fall 19’

2019 Matthew Rimmer: New Contemporaries 2019

2019 GSA: Fashion Show 2019

2019 Katerina Knight’s collection: Acts of Preservation

2018 Katerina Knights’s collection: Accordance


2021 Interlude Films: In Conversation With Joe O'Brien, (Video) October 2021

2021 Landescape Art Review: Special Edition 2021, (Photography) June 2021

2020 The Pupil Sphere - 2020: Your Favourite Projects, (Photography) December 2020

2020 GRAIN Projects: Student Spotlight - Joe O'Brien (Post 1), (Post 2), (Post 3),(Photography) September 2020

2020 SaltSpace: Film/Audio Programme - Joe O'Brien (Video) August 2020

2020 Source Magazine: Graduate Photography Online 2020 - Selections by Nicola Shipley, (Photography) July 2020

2020 The Pupil Sphere - Joe O'Brien: Withdrawn, (Photography) June 2020

2020 The Scotsman - Art Review: Glasgow School of Art Degree Show 2020, (Video) June 2020

2020 The Herald - Glasgow School of Art: Sneak a look at the stars of the future, (Video) June 2020 

2020 GSA Showcase 2020 -Consumerism, collage, chaos and gender politics in the School of Fine Art, (Video) June 2020

2020 NTS Radio - Rainy Miller: The Progress Check (Part 2), (Spoken Word) April 2020

2020 Rubin Geehan - Words, April 2020

2019  Make Official Magazine - Issue 3, (Photography) July 2019


2019  Letter to Self, Self Published

2019  Stuck in the Rain, Self Published

2018  Accordance, Katerina Knight and Joe O’Brien (Collaboratively Published) 

2018  Still Here, Self Published 

2017  Lost Generation, Lost Generation Collective   

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